DevOps & Cloud Engineering

The contemporary product development requires agile process models and corresponding operational practices that support this fast-moving product development.

Whether in your data center “on-premise” or on public cloud platforms, I am happy to support you for modernization, migration, or “green-field” projects in technical design, implementation, operation and maintenance.

Container Technologies

Containerization of applications, conceptual design, implementation and operation of container platforms.

Docker Kubernetes Openshift Rancher Kubermatic Kubernetes Engine

Infrastructure as Code

Consistent, reusable, repeatable descriptions of whole infrastructures as code.

Hashicorp Terraform Ansible Hashicorp Packer

CI/CD Automation

Development and automation of continuous integration and delivery pipelines.

Git Gitlab CI Jenkins GitOps (ArgoCD)

Cloud Engineering

Application migrations, conceptual designs and implementations of new cloud infrastructures considering all relevant topics like logging & monitoring, security, data management & storage, secrets management.

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