Software Development

The software development is a fun process. It does not only consist of programming, but also of smooth and easy-to-maintain integrations into your application landscape, which require a scalable, modular and well-structured design.

To ensure the continuous and the long-term contribution to your service value chain, I implement testing on different abstraction levels, clean code, assurance of code quality and security standards.

Frontend Development

Design & Implementation of graphical user interfaces.

Angular jQuery Bootstrap

Backend Development

Design & implementation of modular, well structured backend systems consisting of web, business/service and persistence layers.

Java SE Java EE Java Spring Hibernate JPA Camunda

Express Development

Express Development on low-code platform.

Oracle APEX

Software Architecture

Conceptual design and implementation of microservice architectures, integrations to messaging systems and search engines.

Spring Boot Apache Kafka Elasticsearch Camunda

Testing & Quality Assurance

Ensuring code quality by tests on several abstraction layers.

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