Training & Workshops

Each training consists of theoretical basics and practical exercises to gain experience that ensure a successful entry into the corresponding technology.

Meeting your needs, trainings can be conducted remotely or on-site, and serve as preparation for certifications corresponding to the respective topic, either.


Docker Fundamentals

  • Beginner - Basics
  • Networking
  • Managing Data
  • Orchestration


Kubernetes Fundamentals

  • Basics of Container Technology
  • Kubernetes Objects
  • Kubernetes Operations
  • HELM

Infrastructure as Code

IaC Fundamentals

  • Introduction
  • Hashicorp Packer
  • Hashicorp Terraform
  • Ansible

Amazon Web Services

AWS Fundamentals

  • Getting Started
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Databases (RDS)
  • Storage (EBS,EFS)
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